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White Tea Guide

White Tea Information and History

white-teaLike many different inventions and recipes, White tea was made by chance. Mixing herbs in ancient times was very common and that is how tea was created. Who would have known that a few tea leaves floating inside boiling water can help develop an entire industry about white tea. You can find the plant to produce white tea in Nepal, Thailand or Taiwan.

White tea originated from an ancient Chinese Emperor and in modern times is demanded by many tea lovers. Drinking white tea has a lot of benefits such as

White tea is Guilt Free – Early in the morning people generally purchase a coffee or latte to start their day of but do not understand that these beverages contain loads of sugar and is very bad for your health. The best benefit of drinking tea is that you can include it in your diet without increasing the unwanted calories you consume.

Tasty – The beverage can also be tasty, loaded with flavor and is constantly evolving in taste. White tea has a very unique taste which is both sweet and spicy at the same time. Years of history has help developed the fast of the beverage and can also be consumed if you need to quench your sweet tooth.

The Culture – When drinkers consume their tea beverages they often look at the country that it is produced in. This helps everyone better understand the conditions that are around the world and can also help you plan a vacation. Each tea represents the culture that it was manufactured in, spicy teas found in India while the sweet ones are found generally in the north side of Asia.

Social Gatherings – Serving white tea can be used as a reason to gather people socially. It is also fun to read a book or talk about different topics on the news with a friend while enjoying a hot beverage which benefits your health.

People drink this beverage from all around the world to experience the medical treatment and unique taste it can provide. Studies conducted in 2004 at Pace University that white tea extracts can help decrease blood pressure, improve the function of blood vessels and slow bacterial growth. Bacterial growth prevention can then lead onto several different positive things such as good breath, less acne and a clear mind. It widely considered that consuming white can help against colon tumors and Kingston University showed that White tea has high anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-elastase properties.`

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