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Herbal Tea Guide

Herbal Tea Guide for Benefits and Information

Herbal-TeaDo you ever wonder why we drink sugary beverages every morning to wake up? The next time you are at Tim Hortons or Starbucks, try some green herbal tea instead. Coffee has been the normal beverage of choice in the morning for almost a century in America and Canada. Herbal slimming tea is extremely popular in countries such as Japan, China, Nepal and India. Tea is the second most consumed beverage, after water.

Drinking Herbal Tea

Consuming herbal tea can give you a lot of benefits, such as helping you look a lot younger than your actual age. Herbal Tea possess ingredients which can help reverse the aging process. The Antioxidants in the tea can help the body flush out free radicals which are essentially byproducts of reactions occurring in your body. Flushing the body of free radicals can help achieve a much younger look. Free radicals also harm DNA molecules so it is imperative to consume a small daily amount of antioxidants.



Herbal Tea for your Teeth!

Drinking herbal tea can help your teeth by aiding in the battle against plaque and gum disease. Drinking a cup a day will make the dentist go away. Your teeth’s surface stains may also be affected by the tea, with a possibility of removing them depending on the nature of the stain. Drinking herbal tea can also help fight against cavities, with the high fluoride, which can be found inside herbal tea.

Herbal slimming Tea History!

Herbal slimming tea was first discovered in ancient China, with numerous countries similarly following along. It was first brewed during the reign of Emperor Chen Nung. The tea can be used both, as a beverage and medicine. There are a variety of herbal teas, which each focus on different purposes. Some herbal teas are made for strictly medicinal reasons to stop aging, while others are used to treat cancer.

China is the main exporter of herbal tea, controlling over 83% of the exports worldwide. Japan is the second largest consumer and exporter controlling about 5% of the market.

Different Types of Herbal Tea!

Their are different types of herbal tea that you can buy and consume. The variety of herbal teas available are Chamomile Tea, Peppermint Tea and Green Tea.

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