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Green Tea Uses!

Green Tea Has Many Uses

green-teaWe have spoken with food nutritionists, and confirmed that green tea can actual treat acne. The best green tea can be a healthy alternative to acne cream and can provide long-term life benefits. Several teenagers, during puberty can have outbreaks of acne and need immediate treatment. Both the consumption of green tea and the application of green tea on areas of the break out can limit acne. Green Tea has been discovered as a natural anti-aging product. Several Chinese green tea can lower the overall oil production of the body. Lowering the production of body oil can will effectively reduce the number of areas which could be an area for an outbreak.

Tea can also help reduce sebum production, bacterial growth and inflammation of the skin. South Korean scientists have recently conducted a study done in 2012 which concluded that the beverage can reduce the production of sebum.


Types of Green Tea acne prevention

As previously stated, green tea can be both consumed and applied to the skin, for acne prevention methods. Green tea lotion has gained popularity among the medical world for its clean, easy use. Several teenagers cannot use ordinary acne cream because of the benzoyl peroxide that it contains. This chemical can lead to dry skin, redness and general skin inrriation. People who are born with skin conditions are also recommended to use green tea lotion instead of a chemical product which can cause a reaction.

Green tea with other products.

The best green tea itself can be a strong agent to remove acne, but alongside salicylic acid, the effects and results can be seen much clearer. The combination of the two products should be discussed with a doctor first.

Studies have indicated that over a 50% reduction in acne is seen after applying green tea lotion to the area with the outbreak.

Studies have shown that green tea has similar effects to the on-shelf acne cream counter-parts which are all laced with chemicals which can be harmful to the body.

The best green tea not only, reduces acne which has already occurred, but also reduces the acne which can take later on.

Several Asian countries have consumed the best green Teas, and seen life-long benefits. The top three consumers of green tea are also the top three countries with the oldest population. Japan has the largest population of people over 100 years old, most who drink this green Chinese tea on a regular basis.

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Green Tea!

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