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Chai Tea Guide

Learn about the advantages of drinking Chai Tea!

chai-teaChai tea is a very powerful blend of spices and herb which enhances the flavor and adds depth to the drink. Chai tea has been around for centuries in parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh and continues to be the preferred beverage choice around South Asia. The main focus of chai in the early centuries of its manufacture was to increase peace of mind and help preserve one’s health. Today modern day scientists have studied the effects that Chai tea can have on your health and came to the conclusion that chai is more beneficial then what it was intended to be. The tea can help you enhance your immune system, fight inflammation and also has antioxidant properties. Scientists are now conducting proper tests to measure the antibacterial and anti-cancer effects that it can possible have.

Chai tea does not have a strict paper formula but rather, a lose one with each type of chai having a different way of producing it. The most common ingredients that you will find in most of theses beverages are black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, clove and black pepper. While analyzing the benefits of health that Chai tea has, it is also important to remember that each ingredient Is responsible for the benefits. Different chai’s will have different health benefits.

Scientists have noticed that black tea prevents cardiovascular disease and possess anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. It also has good cholesterol and contains a lot of antioxidants.

Ginger can be a very important part of your chai, helping you digest and improve your circulation a lot better. It can also improve the immune system and helps you reduce inflammation which is very beneficial for people that are suffering with arthritis. Ginger has also been known for fighting cancer cells. Cardamom is also often added into the ingredients of chai, it is normally found in Tibetan medicine and helps out with digesting food. It can help increase the strength of your immune system and fight your respiratory allergies. Cinnamon is added into chai tea to improve the taste, giving it a spicy flavor and also providing it with an aroma that is freshening. Cloves can help digestion and can relieve pain with analgesic properties it possesses.

Chai tea is a beverage consumed around the world and is very popular in south Asia. India is the largest consumer of Chai tea in the world and most of the production of Chai tea takes place over there.

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